Since 1979 the Multisoft company offers IT-Services - close to the customer. Our specialists are experienced in SAP ABAP Objects development and Webdesign.


In the beginnings our main focus was on Maninframe (MVS, z/OS) and database administration (UDB, DB2 and IMS) - especially for banks, automobile industry, manufacturer of printers and the aviation industry. Since 1999 our main focus was more and more shifting towards the Abap Objects development for customers of the paper industry, steel industry, chemicals and oil industry, machine construction and automobile industry. Web development is the newest section of the Multisoft GmbH.

September 2005: The IHK Würzburg/Schweinfurt honours the Multisoft GmbH for its twenty-fifth anniversary.

SAP Abap Objects

We are very experienced in the Abap Objects development of:

  • interfaces (ALE IDOC, RFC, SOAP, HTTP, REST)
  • dialog user transactions
  • reports
  • data migration
  • print forms

Please check our SAP section for more information.


The following tools have been developped by the Multisoft company.

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SAP R/3 ABAP XML Up- and Download Tool

The tool offers the down- and upload of programs, function groups, screens, classes, interfaces, type groups, domains, data elements, tables, views, appends, includes, table types and search helps.

SAP Registry

Work in progress.

SAP Specialists

Currently available Abap Objects experts and their profiles you can find under CV.


In this area we are mainly focused on Semantic Web (HTML5), Responsive Webdesign (Media Queries, Flexible Grids), Programming (PHP, Javascript), Design/Layout and Illustration (Photoshop) of Websites.

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